Running a Successful Drip Marketing Campaign

Running a Successful Drip Marketing Campaign
Running a Successful Drip Marketing Campaign

Drip marketing, also known as email marketing, is a way of communicating with your client base on a routine basis where predefined messages are sent to them or “dripped” with a specific predefined action as a goal. It can be used to nudge the customer into taking some kind of action or you can use it to continue to increase their interest in your business by keeping your name in front of them. Through drip marketing, you can reach out effectively to your clients. However, to be effective, each drip campaign must have a clearly defined goal or outcome.

Sending the right message

The behavior and demographics of your clientele are most important as you want to send right message. Your messages need to satisfy a need of your viewers, but by sending the wrong message, or too many messages, you risk turning them off. But when planned strategically, drip marketing can be very effective.

What is the best approach?

Many businesses prefer to use a blog or other social media like Facebook or Twitter to contact their clients, however, by using these methods, you are relying on your customer to go to these places online to get your marketing message. With drip marketing, you are bringing you message directly to them via email. In this hectic day and age, your clients may forget to visit your blog.

Solve their problem

As a customer, there is nothing worse than receiving tedious, sales pitch. Drip email campaigns are not like that. When planned properly, they actually help people solve their problems by giving them latest information and best practices of your industry. For example, a drip email could talk about the advantages of using electric toothbrushes. In short, your content should be useful to them. If done properly, they will look forward to your emails as you are helping them.

Or another email might be based on some kind of new research information or study result in your industry that just came out, and you assessment of that information and how it may prove helpful to them.

Drip promotion can be analogous to irrigating your garden. You study the need when your flowers need watering and then you control how much and when you provide that water. It is the perfect picture of an email drip campaign.

Overall look Matters

Because you want simplicity in your messages, your content should not be overshadowed by flowery design and images; these things should be used sparingly and only support your drip campaign.

However, auto-responder programs, the software used to create and send your emails, have a variety of templates to pick from, so it is easy to get one that complements your message and builds your company brand.

Effectively using drip email marketing campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to promote a new service or offer a discount or special pricing on a service or product. But not every email’s purpose is to “sell” something.

You will also want to use your campaigns to notify, discuss, and educate. Sending out some useful tips is always valued by customers as is creating a "how to" sequence of articles.

Ask them to participate in survey. Honest feedback can help change your future techniques and goals. Encourage your clients to forward, discuss and share your campaign with their friends, family, and colleagues. It can be a great way to increase your customer base.

With a well thought-out promotional strategy, your drip email campaign can achieve your desired goal; it will also enable you to focus on future strategies that not only engages your client, but satisfies as well.

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