Virtual Assistant Recruitment

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the tasks that need to be done in order to run your online business, you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant (VA). Before we go any further, let me answer a common question… What is a Virtual Assistant? VA’s are independent contractors who work remotely, usually … Read more

Student Homeschool Planner

This printed undated 8.5″x11″ 284-page full-color student homeschool planner is just what a homeschooled high-school aged student needs to keep track of their schoolwork and activities. In addition, it helps teach organization, responsibility and accountability. It includes numerous pages with page dividers including: Resources and Trackers High School Credit Plan Homeschool Resources Supplies Checklist* Reading … Read more

Monthly Word Puzzle Subscription Service

Each month, you’ll receive a printed word puzzle book in the mail. The one for December is pictured on the left. One month it may be just word searches. Other months it could be just crosswords, double puzzles, cryptograms, missing vowel or scramble … or it could be a combination of several of these types … Read more

Travel Journal Ideas and Tips

An excellent way to remember everything you’ve done is to keep a travel journal. This is a journal which is usually devoted to one trip at a time. You’ll write and add mementos and memories into the journal so that you can look back on it with pride and happiness. Plus, you can share your … Read more

Journaling to Help with Stress

Stress affects almost everyone at some time in their lives. For some people, it’s more of a problem with their genetics and for some, it’s due to their situation. Whatever reason you are stressed, congratulations for recognizing it and wanting to do something about it. Here are some good ways to journal to combat your … Read more

5 Surprising Benefits of Journaling

There are many ways to keep a journal. You can record the events of your days, plan a vacation, analyze your dreams or use a bullet journal to organize your life. Journals can help you capture your thoughts or plot out your career. As well as decluttering your mind, keeping a journal can have some … Read more

Why You Should Start a Dream Journal

Dreams are more than just your brain’s reruns from the day or for swapping weird dream stories with your friends and colleagues. Dreams can be powerful messages about problems or stresses in your life. If you have regular dreams about the same situation over and over, being trapped or running late or being shamed in … Read more

How Journaling Helps Reduce and Manage Stress

Modern life and stress go together, right? Constant stress from juggling demands and obligations has become a regular part of our lives. Some level of stress is okay; it keeps you motivated and growing as a person. But sometimes pressure can tip over into anxiety and lead to all sorts of problems, and you need … Read more