"Who Else Wants to Publish Their First Kindle Book And Get It Listed On Amazon?"

And Then Rinse and Repeat Over and Over to Produce More Books...

All For Free And Without Paying the High Prices of a Publisher!

From: Ron Kness
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Most people have a book or two (or more) inside of them that is just waiting to get written and published? However, they are hesitant because the process of self-publishing looks complicated and beyond their capabilities. But it is not! If I can do it (and I have many, many times over), then anyone can do it and make a nice little chunk of change in the process.

I know what I experienced the first time I published a Kindle book, so I know how scary it can be. And when I published my first book, there was not any video instructions on how to do it.

And Then It Hit Me!

Why not create an "over-the-shoulder" Kindle Training Video Course that walks people through the process from creating an Amazon Kindle account to publishing a book! For people that are visual learners, watching videos is the perfect medium for them to learn. This led to the product I'm presenting now.



Kindle Video Training Course cover
Speed Publishing With Kindle 

This video course is a series of 20 videos that cover each step of the Kindle publishing process, from the Overview of the process to having a published book listed for sale in the Kindle marketplace!

Once paid for, you will (almost instantly, but definitely within a few minutes) get a Thank-you page with a download link. Unzip the downloaded file and you will have all 20 videos at your disposal that you can watch as you wish (and as many times as you wish).

What You Will Learn From This Training

In this video training coure, you'll discover:

  • How to get started with Kindle
  • Learn how to get used to the interface and configure your settings
  • Learn how to upload your book and what options are available when doing it.
  • Learn how to work with Kindle features and templates and which one you should choose to publish your book fast.
  • How to quickly and easily work with the templates provided in the member's area.
  • How to create eye-catching covers that will attract more readers.
  • How to use the benefit of "no-cost" publishing and make it work for you.
  • How to get your link to promote your first Kindle Report.
  • Learn how to get your product listed in the Kindle marketplace.
  • Learn the different techniques involved in using Kindle to grow your business.
  • And so many more ...

The World's Biggest Ebook Marketplace

Did you know ...


  • Kindle is a product of Amazon; it was designed to become the world’s best ereader by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos.
  • As of December, 2017, Kindle had nearly 5.9 million ebooks available in the United States alone.
  • Kindle Ebook Exclusives, a catalog of digital books that are only available on Amazon, contains over 850,000 items.
  • The first Kindle device released by Amazon sold out in five and half hours.
  • Amazon has introduced Kindle software for use on various devices and platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone.
  • In 2010, Kindle reader accounted for 59% of all ereaders that were shipped worldwide.
  • In January, 2011, Amazon announced that Kindle books were outselling their traditional print counterparts for the first time ever.
  • In May, 2016, Amazon released the official Kindle Audio Adapter for reading ebooks aloud through a text-to-speech system for the blind and visually impaired.


If you are ready to buy the Speed Publishing With Kindle Video Course 

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Buying the Video Course ...


  • I understand I will be charged through PayPal $27 today to receive immediate access to the "Speed Publishing With Kindle Video Course.
  • I will receive instant access to all 20 training modules which I can watch at anytime.
  • I can get a "no-questions-asked"refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days


P.S. After purchasing through PayPal, you will receive a download link and have access to all the training videos in the next few minutes. Total run time of all the videos is approximately one hour.